we are the first startup fund
connecting founders with specialist
to invest in each other

The Co-Founder startup fund is created by specialist to invest in impact driven companies with knowledge, time, effort and love. Startups apply for a one to 3 year 'specialists support subscription' for a small % of equity in return.
We're a curated only Fund.

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more startups to fund

hours to invest

more specialist to find

we coach, help and support with

idea & concept

Turning great ideas in
impact driven concepts and testable MVP’s

product design

Testing and experimenting until we get the product right. Taking a pivot if needed.

building the startup

Building the right, scalable company with the culture and people we need.


Growing the startup after product/market-fit. Looking for the right funding along the way.

our startups

We haven't officially started yet, got two startups in the pilot and experimenting with others.

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Our team (co-)founded and worked for startups and companies like